Introduction to Non-QM Loans (For Loan Officers & Support Staff)

Intro to Non-QM for Loan Officers and Support Staff

Pretty much every lender will agree that mortgages are not one-size-fits-all. Not every one of your borrowers can claim a qualified mortgage. But do you simply pass up an opportunity of closing just like that? In such a scenario, a Non-Qm loan is your best bet! What Exactly Is a Non-QM Loan? A Non-QM loan, […]

6 Reasons Why Mortgage Brokers Should Consider Non-QM Now

6 Reasons Why Mortgage Brokers Should Consider Non-QM Now

The full extent of the global pandemic’s impact on our country will not be known for some time. However, lenders can employ a wide range of tactics in the meantime. They can cut costs, reduce capacity, and rely on fewer loans to survive. Alternatively, they can stay competitive by adding products to their menu that […]

Non-QM Lenders-The Race To Stay Ahead!

Non-QM Lenders - The Race To Stay Ahead

The abrupt closure of two Non-QM lenders – one that shut down and another that is now under Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection – may have prompted Flagstar Bank’s warehouse lending division to send out a text message stating that funding advances for Non-QM mortgages will require advance approval. “Effective immediately – Funding advances for Non-QM […]

Navigating The Rising Rates Market

Navigating the Rising Rates Market in Non-QM

Interest rates eventually began to rise, causing a great deal of concern. When interest rates remain near historic lows for lengthy periods of time, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that what goes down must eventually come back up. As an economy recovers, interest rates will normally begin to climb. When this […]

How To Succeed In The Non-Qm Market

How To Succeed in the Non-QM Market

Mortgage rates have returned to pre-COVID levels in early 2022, and fewer customers are eligible for refinances. Home demand continues to outstrip supply, and property values are rising, making affordable housing virtually impossible to find. Originators who have been extremely busy over the previous two years are seeking innovative ways to generate new business in […]

What’s a Non-QM Loan? Should I get a Non-QM Loan? 

what is a non-qm loan?

There are qualified and non-qualified loans in the mortgage sector. While qualifying mortgages must fulfill particular lender and borrower requirements established by federal rules, non-qualified, also known as non-QM loans, offer additional flexibility and can be an excellent financial tool for some borrowers. Are you a self-employed borrower? Do you operate your own business and […]

Non-QM Loan Programs–A Lifeline For Brokers

non qm loan programs - a lifeline for brokers

The non-QM market has expanded dramatically in recent years despite the ripples of Covid-19. Moreover, it will be more vital than ever as a result of developments such as the transition to buying, the expanding gig economy, and single-family rental investment. You have the chance to provide loan products to underserved customers such as self-employed […]

What You Need to Know About Non-Qualifying Mortgages

what you need to know about non-qualifying mortgages

The non-QM loan has emerged as the new buzzword. It seems that all lenders are now offering a trendy new Non-QM solution and encouraging non-QM loan programs for brokers. As non-QM loans become more popular, it’s a fantastic time for brokers to step in and expand their company by offering a broader range of loan […]

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