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Navigating the Rising Rates Market in Non-QM

Interest rates eventually began to rise, causing a great deal of concern. When interest rates remain near historic lows for lengthy periods of time, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that what goes down must eventually come back up. As an economy recovers, interest rates will normally begin to climb. When this occurs, both short-term and long-term fixed-income investors who are caught off guard may miss out on a simple opportunity to raise their monthly income. As a result, now is the time to start planning for this change in the interest rate environment.

Fixed-income securities are not the only ones that profit from higher interest rates. Investors hoping to profit when interest rates rise can consider buying stocks in key raw material users. Rising interest rates are also excellent news for the mortgage industry, so firms that earn from house development and building may also be intelligent investments. When interest rates rise, poultry and beef farmers may find greater demand due to increased consumer spending and cheaper expenses.

As interest rates rise, more conservative instruments will pay greater yields. Furthermore, as interest rates rise, the prices of high-yield securities tend to fall more quickly than those of government or municipal issues. As a result, when compared to low-risk alternatives, the dangers of high-yield instruments may eventually offset their greater returns.

It is critical to review your yearly objectives and rearrange your loan pipeline management. The quantity of documentation involved in the financing process may be burdensome for both home buyers and loan originators. As a result, consider reviewing and strengthening your loan pipeline management approach.

Technology has become much better at streamlining the mortgage process over the years. As a consequence, mortgage automation software may assist in bringing everything together and reducing the time required to finish what may have previously taken days or weeks. 

Interest rates will not remain low indefinitely, but the rate at which they will rise and how far they will rise is impossible to forecast. Those who ignore interest rates risk missing out on substantial profit possibilities in a rising rate environment.


Investors can profit from increasing interest rates by purchasing equities in firms that use raw materials, laddering their CD or bond portfolios, boosting their dollar positions, and refinancing their residences. AHL Funding can provide further information on how to profit from rising interest rates.

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