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AHL Funding is a Wholesale Mortgage Lender That Specializes in Non-QM Loan Programs for Brokers.

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Programs for brokers serving borrowers that do not qualify for conventional loans.

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Designed for borrowers that have LTV’s 90% or lower. Near miss program that allows for lower rates with compensating factors. Though guidelines follow Fannie Mae a bit more than our usual core program, it’s still much more aggressive than conforming and interest rates are some of the lowest in the Non-QM industry.


Designed for owner occupied and second home borrowers who require flexibility in mortgage history, credit history, and/or payment and docs. This program offers expanded credit parameters for multiple borrower profiles while utilizing many cascading document types to further address specific income circumstances in the demonstration of ability to repay.


Program Designed to Move Quick! Non-Owner Investment Purpose Loans Closed In Days. We utilize the rental survey on the appraisal for rents. Reserves as low as 3 Months plus, you can use cash-out for reserves. We also qualify the borrowers mortgage payment off an interest only payment if requested.


Bank Statements

With The AHL Funding Bank Statement Programs You Can Utilize Both Business And Personal Bank Statements To Qualify. Up To 90% LTV!

This program allows an expense ratio as low as 20%! This means you can use 80% of the deposits for income purposes. Depending on the type of business this may vary. We utilize a variable expense ratio. Why should a consultant have the same expenses as a restaurant? Make Sense Underwriting.

Full Documentation

Fannie Mae Ineligible – With The AHL Funding Full Doc Programs You Can Get Loans Done That May Have Been Ineligible

Full Doc loans up to 90% LTV with NO MI. Sometimes loans just don’t fit with regular agency outlets due to high loan amounts or debt to income ratios. We allow up to 55% DTI as well as Interest Only Programs and Loan Amounts to $3 Million Dollars.

Bank Statements + Asset Assist

Bank Statements Plus Allows Bank Statements And Assets To Qualify

When your borrower is close on DTI but just can’t get there with bank statements we allow a 2 month asset Statement to give us that push. Use money in the bank, Stocks, Bonds, 401k and more.

Asset Only

The Asset Only Program Allows You To Use Only Assets To Qualify. No Other Proof Of Income Needed

Do you have a borrower with money in the bank? We can help. We use 6 months of assets for income such as: Cash in bank (100%) – Stocks, Bonds or Mutual Funds (80%) – IRA, 401k, Retirement Accounts (80%). Cash is king and so Is this program!

About Us

Welcome to AHL Funding

AHL Funding’s loan programs are designed to appeal to a broad range of homebuyers. The programs are affordable, and each program is designed to serve an important demographic. With over 25 years of experience in Non Prime Loans we are now here to disrupt the industry with faster turn times and better products.

We understand the needs of your borrowers, whether you have an established investor looking for financing with NO INCOME or bank statement programs for the self employed borrowers, we can help obtain the perfect loan.

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