How to Talk to Your Clients About Non-QM Loans

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Understanding Non-QM Loans

Non-QM loans offer a unique opportunity for borrowers who may not fit into the conventional qualifying parameters set by government-sponsored entities. Despite their flexibility, these loans can sometimes be misunderstood, leading to misconceptions that can deter potential borrowers. As a mortgage professional, it’s important to clear these misconceptions by effectively communicating the benefits and features of Non-QM loans to your clients.

Dispel Myths About Non-QM Loans

There are common myths about Non-QM loans, such as they are risky, high-cost, or only for borrowers with poor credit. Educate your clients on the truth: Non-QM loans offer a pathway to homeownership for those who fall outside traditional lending guidelines. They provide viable and safe alternatives for those with non-traditional income or unique financial situations, like self-employed borrowers or real estate investors.

Explain AHL’s Non-QM Loan Offerings

Differentiate AHL’s Non-QM offerings from others in the market. Highlight how AHL Funding’s loan programs such as AHL Platinum, AHL Core, and AHL DSCO can help borrowers in various circumstances. Explain the unique features of these programs, including the fact that they allow for lower rates with compensating factors and are designed to serve a broad range of borrowers.

Advantages of Non-QM Loans Over Traditional Loans

Non-QM loans provide more flexibility in loan underwriting, which can benefit many borrowers. They offer options for those with unconventional income sources or higher debt-to-income ratios. Discuss the advantages of AHL Funding’s Non-QM loans, like full doc loans up to 90% LTV with no MI, and the use of bank statements or assets to qualify.

Provide Real-Life Scenarios and Success Stories

Real-life examples can help illustrate the benefits of Non-QM loans. Share success stories of previous borrowers who have successfully used AHL’s Non-QM loan programs. This will make the benefits of these loans more tangible and relatable to your clients.

Guide Clients Through The Application Process

Navigating the loan application process can be daunting, especially for those unfamiliar with Non-QM loans. Explain how easy it is to apply for an AHL Funding’s Non-QM loan. Direct your clients to the “Submit a Scenario” page on the AHL Funding website where they can submit their loan scenarios for approval.

AHL Funding

Remember, clear communication about Non-QM loans can dispel misconceptions and build trust between you and your clients. It can open doors to new opportunities for your clients and create a positive lending experience. As a broker, you have the power to illuminate the path to homeownership for many by effectively talking about Non-QM loans. If you want to become a broker, fill out our broker approval form, or submit a scenario.

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