What Sets AHL Funding Apart in the Non-QM Wholesale Lending Industry

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What Sets AHL Funding Apart in the Non-QM Wholesale Lending Industry

I. Introduction

Welcome to AHL Funding, a renowned company operating in the Non-QM Wholesale Lending Industry. We take pride in offering a range of loan products designed to cater to a diverse array of borrowers. This post aims to shed light on what sets AHL Funding apart in this competitive industry.

II. Comprehensive and Flexible Loan Products

A key facet that makes AHL Funding stand out is our comprehensive suite of loan products. Our offerings, including AHL Platinum, AHL Core, and AHL DSCO, are built to accommodate various borrower profiles. Each product comes with unique benefits and features that make them suitable for different situations, be it self-employed borrowers or real estate investors.

Take, for instance, our AHL Platinum loan, which allows for lower rates with compensating factors. With the flexibility to utilize 12 or 24-month bank statements, this program caters to those with LTV’s 90% or lower. Our AHL Core is designed for those who need more flexibility in mortgage history, credit history, or payment and docs. For quick, non-owner investment purpose loans, our AHL DSCO is ideal.

III. Commitment to Customer Service

Another hallmark of AHL Funding is our unwavering commitment to customer service. We understand that the loan process can be complex, and our goal is to make it as seamless as possible for our borrowers. Our dedication to service has enabled us to significantly reduce turn times and provide better products. This is part of our broader mission to revolutionize the mortgage lending landscape with top-notch service, integrity, and experience.

IV. Demonstrated Experience in Non-QM Loans

With over 25 years of experience in Non-Prime Loans, AHL Funding is a seasoned player in the field. Our extensive industry knowledge enables us to navigate the intricacies of non-QM loans, providing borrowers with tailored solutions that best fit their needs. We leverage our deep-rooted expertise to disrupt the industry, offering loan products that go beyond traditional parameters.

V. Future-focused and Rapid Expansion

AHL Funding is not just content with maintaining the status quo; we’re constantly striving for growth and improvement. Our rapid expansion to new states underscores our commitment to reaching more borrowers and providing them with the financing solutions they need. Stay tuned for our upcoming initiatives that will further enhance our services and provide greater value to our clients.

VI. Conclusion

In essence, AHL Funding distinguishes itself through a combination of unique loan products, exemplary customer service, and unmatched industry experience. We’re excited about the future and remain committed to shaping the next generation of mortgage lending.

Ready to experience the AHL Funding difference firsthand? We invite you to approve as a broker or submit a scenario. Join us in our mission to redefine the Non-QM Wholesale Lending Industry.

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