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Securing financing for rural properties can be a challenging endeavor due to the unique nature of these homes and the land they occupy. However, AHL Funding’s Core program is meticulously designed to address the distinctive requirements of rural real estate, offering bespoke loan solutions that make the dream of owning a countryside home a reality.

Bridging the Gap for Rural Homebuyers

Rural properties often come with nuances that standard financing programs may not cover. AHL Core steps in to bridge this gap:

  • Flexibility in Mortgage History: AHL Core acknowledges the limited availability of comparable sales and appraiser access in rural areas, offering flexibility to borrowers who may not have a conventional mortgage history.
  • Credit Leniency: Understanding that rural borrowers may have unique credit profiles, AHL Core accommodates with expanded credit parameters, which can be pivotal in loan approval.

Key Features of AHL Core for Rural Financing

AHL Core’s features are finely tuned to provide solutions for the obstacles often faced when financing rural properties:

  • Loan Amounts up to $4 Million: Catering to a range of rural properties, from modest homes to expansive ranches.
  • Cash-Out Options: Borrowers can access up to $1 million in cash out, providing flexibility for further investment or consolidation of debt.
  • Low Reserves Requirement: With only three months of reserves needed, AHL Core eases the financial burden on the borrower.
  • Accommodating DTI Ratios: A maximum DTI of 55% allows for a broader range of income levels to qualify.
  • Acceptance of Rural Properties: Explicitly including rural properties ensures that these homes are not sidelined by standard underwriting criteria.

Documentation Tailored for Rural Borrowers

AHL Core’s documentation types recognize the varied income streams of rural borrowers:

  • Bank Statements: Useful for farmers and self-employed individuals whose income may fluctuate with seasonal trends.
  • Full Documentation: For those with a more traditional income setup but who require the specific advantages offered by AHL Core.
  • Asset Only: In cases where borrowers have significant savings or investments, this option can simplify the approval process.

Navigating the Rural Landscape

AHL Funding’s approach takes into account factors such as:

  • Property Accessibility: Recognizing that rural properties may not have the same access to amenities as urban homes, and adjusting loan criteria accordingly.
  • Land Valuation: Understanding that the value of rural properties is often tied to the land itself, and providing appraisers who are experienced in rural valuations.

Expanding Horizons for Loan Officers and Borrowers

Loan officers partnering with AHL Funding can confidently extend their services to the rural market, knowing that AHL Core is specially crafted to meet these needs. Borrowers benefit from a loan program that appreciates the value and potential of rural living, while brokers gain a competitive edge in a niche market.

Your Rural Financing Ally

AHL Funding invites brokers to capitalize on the growing market of rural property financing. With a program that accommodates the specific circumstances of rural borrowers, loan officers can broaden their reach and offer more inclusive, comprehensive service.

For brokers eager to delve into this underserved market, AHL Funding is the partner that brings expertise, innovative loan products, and a commitment to service. Begin by applying through AHL Funding’s Broker Approval, and submit any loan scenarios through AHL Funding’s Submit a Scenario page for prompt and dedicated support, ensuring that rural property buyers are not left out of the picture when it comes to financing their homes.

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