Top 5 Best Practices for Non-QM Loan Officers

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Best Practices for Non QM Loan Officers

The economic effects of the epidemic have had a significant impact on the economy as a whole, but they have been disproportionately felt by small company owners, self-employed contractors, and gig economy employees, who account for approximately 48% of the private workforce.

Millions of these self-employed people would like to take advantage of record-low mortgage rates. Still, they do not easily match the usual profile in order to qualify for conforming or government loans.

Instead, these folks – from dentists to Uber drivers – must rely on the innovation and flexibility of non-QM lending programs that are particularly intended to suit their unmet requirements.

Given the large size of this market and the rising demand for non-QM loans, home loan originators planning to venture into Non-QM loans have significant and profitable business potential.

The competition is tough in the mortgage lending industry, you must set yourself apart from the rest!

5 Tips for Loan Officers to Boost Clientele

The competition is tough in the mortgage lending industry, and AHL Funding’s non-QM broker programs are the perfect approach to set yourself apart. By introducing non-QM choices to your product menu, you can broaden your scope of services and provide your clients and referral partners with additional options.

Looking to expand your bottom line and service a larger spectrum of clientele? Consider these:

Increase Your Product Offering

To attract more business, you must provide something that others do not, which is where we come in. Many lenders only provide conventional, VA, and FHA loans. By including our non-QM solutions in your toolkit, you will not only tell people you are different, but you will also demonstrate it.

Serve Business Owners

Have you turned down real estate brokers, contractors, plumbers, property investors, or other self-employed borrowers? Many of these entrepreneurs do not conform to traditional mortgage loan templates. By collaborating with AHL Funding, you will be able to establish yourself as a useful resource. Non-QM products, such as bank statement loans, maybe a good fit for people who operate for themselves and are a terrific way to increase your customer base.

Tend to Property Investors

Here’s the deal with property investors…they don’t generally stop with just one home. This can provide you with a consistent stream of purchase and refinancing transactions for years to come as they develop their portfolio. Whether you’re serving this market with full doc, bank statement, or debt service coverage ratio (DSCR) certification, having access to our many lending programs will enable you to offer solutions depending on current holdings and the property in issue. We can also assist you with non-warrantable condominiums and condotels! Many of these loans violate our policies, but we routinely grant common sense exceptions to our policies, provided paperwork demonstrates that the loan makes sense.

Step into the Foreign National Market

Align yourself with international real estate attorneys and international tax attorneys to find clients in this field. Make contact with CPAs and immigration lawyers. Explore real estate listings in several languages and connect with real estate specialists that specialize in international market sectors.

While foreign national loans might be difficult to navigate, AHL Funding can help. We will walk you through the nuances of this segment’s criteria, such as credit reference letters and the use of overseas assets to meet reserve requirements. We will be at your side throughout the documentation and lending procedure.

Target the Luxury Market

Right now, we’re seeing a lot of opportunities in this category as individuals relocate from cities to suburbs or look for vacation homes in other areas. Jumbo loan programs from AHL Funding may be appropriate for a second home or investment property, as well as high-cost single-family houses, non-warrantable condominiums, condotels, and one-to-four-unit buildings. Our distinctive offerings enable you to give great solutions to a large number of borrowers in this market.

Become An Approved Broker

Let us help you! Our highly experienced team is committed to helping you generate loans that provide solid benefits to credit-worthy borrowers. When you partner with AHL Funding, you’re aligning yourself with some of the best talents the non-QM sector has to offer. Tap into our wealth of knowledge to grow your capabilities and say “YES” to more customers.

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