Harness The Power of AHL's Bank Statement Plan: Asset Assist

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New to Harness The Power of AHL's Bank Statement Plan Asset Assist

In a dynamic financial world, where the traditional norms of lending are continuously being challenged and innovated, AHL Funding presents its groundbreaking Bank Statement Plan, known as Asset Assist. This program not only streamlines the loan process for those with fluctuating incomes or unconventional income sources but also integrates tangible assets into the equation, ensuring a comprehensive and flexible approach to lending.

Diving into the Asset Assist Program

The Asset Assist program is a stellar representation of AHL’s commitment to diversification and customization in loan offerings. This program specifically appeals to borrowers who:

  • Have robust bank statements but fall slightly short on Debt-to-Income (DTI) ratios.
  • Want to leverage their tangible assets in tandem with their bank statements to qualify for a loan.

Features of AHL’s Asset Assist

AHL’s Asset Assist stands out for its multifaceted approach. Here’s what makes it unique:

  1. Bank Statements Plus Assets: Borrowers can combine their bank statements with assets like stocks, bonds, and even retirement accounts to qualify.
  2. Dynamic Expense Ratio: Unlike a one-size-fits-all approach, AHL’s variable expense ratio accounts for varying business types, ensuring fairness across the board.
  3. Diverse Asset Consideration: From cash in the bank, stocks, and bonds, to IRAs and 401ks, AHL’s Asset Assist caters to a vast range of assets.

Why Embrace AHL’s Asset Assist?

  • Enhanced Qualification: This program broadens the qualification criteria, bringing more borrowers under the eligibility umbrella.
  • Optimized Loan Amounts: By integrating tangible assets, borrowers can often qualify for higher loan amounts.
  • Flexibility: The Asset Assist program is particularly tailored for those with non-conventional income sources or fluctuating incomes.

In Conclusion

AHL Funding’s Bank Statement Plan: Asset Assist is a testament to the company’s innovation and dedication to cater to a wide range of borrowers. It not only offers an opportunity for those with strong bank statements but also for those who wish to utilize their tangible assets as an advantage in the loan process.

Dive into the future with AHL Funding: Whether you aspire to become a distinguished broker or aim to amplify your loan offerings, AHL Funding’s Broker Approval is your gateway. And for those with a particular loan scenario at their fingertips, a swift appraisal awaits you on the Submit a Scenario page. With a commitment to respond in under 24 hours, AHL assures consistent support at every step of the journey.

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