Introducing AHL Platinum: The Right Choice for Your Borrowers

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Introducing AHL Platinum: The Right Choice for Your Borrowers


As a trusted partner in the lending industry, AHL Funding has always prioritized innovation and versatility in our product offerings. Catering to a broad range of homebuyers, our loan programs are designed to make home ownership more accessible to everyone. Today, we’re pleased to spotlight one of our star performers: AHL Platinum.

Why AHL Platinum? The Unique Advantages

With a foundation in Fannie Mae guidelines yet more aggressive than conforming loans, AHL Platinum is a non-QM loan product that offers unique advantages in the lending market. It’s an excellent fit for borrowers with Loan-to-Values (LTVs) of 90% or lower. Our near-miss program even allows for lower rates with compensating factors, making this an attractive option for those who may not qualify for a traditional loan.

AHL Platinum enables borrowers to secure loan amounts up to $4 Million and 90% LTV to $2 Million. It offers flexibility with 12 or 24-month bank statement options and permits a Debt-to-Income (DTI) ratio of up to 50%. For borrowers seeking additional flexibility, AHL Platinum allows cash out for reserves.

Most importantly, AHL Platinum welcomes first-time homebuyers. Recognizing the challenges that first-time homebuyers often face, we’re delighted to extend this program to them, as well.

Ideal Candidates for AHL Platinum

AHL Platinum is an incredibly adaptable product that fits into many borrowers’ financial narratives. For instance, it’s ideal for self-employed borrowers who may have difficulty qualifying for traditional loans due to variable income or who may not meet standard documentation requirements. With AHL Platinum, their 12 or 24-month bank statements suffice.

Moreover, real estate investors who already own a home will find AHL Platinum advantageous, particularly for its cash-out option. It also works perfectly for borrowers who don’t quite meet the guidelines for conforming loans but are close—our near-miss program can bridge that gap.

Applying for AHL Platinum: What to Expect

When applying for AHL Platinum, borrowers can expect a streamlined process, yet one that still ensures every application meets our responsible lending criteria. Alongside our conventional Full Documentation requirement, AHL Platinum offers alternative doc types, including Bank Statements, Bank Statements Plus Asset Assist, and Asset Only, providing even greater flexibility to fit unique income circumstances.

Debunking Misconceptions about AHL Platinum

One common misconception is that non-QM loans like AHL Platinum are only for borrowers with poor credit or those who are desperate. The reality is quite different. Non-QM loans like AHL Platinum provide versatility and flexibility for a variety of borrower profiles, including self-employed individuals, real estate investors, and even first-time homebuyers. It’s about reaching borrowers who fall outside traditional guidelines, not because of financial missteps, but due to the uniqueness of their financial situations.


AHL Platinum is a testament to AHL Funding’s commitment to providing accessible and adaptable loan products. Its unique features and benefits, alongside its flexibility, make it a valuable option for a variety of borrowers. If you’re a broker interested in offering AHL Platinum to your clients, we invite you to apply for broker approval here. If you’re already an approved broker and have a potential AHL Platinum scenario, don’t hesitate to submit a scenario. At AHL Funding, we’re ready to support you and your borrowers every step of the way.

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