How to Close a Non-Owner Investment Loan in 10 Days with AHL DSCO

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How to Close a Non-Owner Investment Loan in 10 Days with AHL DSCO

In the dynamic realm of real estate investment, speed is a critical component. Every day matters when you’re trying to close a deal, especially in hot markets where competition is fierce. AHL Funding’s innovative DSCO program stands as a testament to this need for speed, offering a streamlined approach that can see non-owner investment loans close in just 10 days. Let’s embark on the journey to understand how this rapid process unfolds.

AHL DSCO: Speed Meets Efficiency

The DSCO program, derived from Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR), is AHL Funding’s answer to the demands of the non-owner investment loan market. It’s finely tuned to cater to the unique needs of real estate investors, focusing predominantly on the property’s potential rental income for qualification.

The Roadmap to a 10-Day Close with AHL DSCO

  1. Start with Preparedness:
    • Documentation Ready: Have all required documents such as bank statements, property details, and rental surveys at your fingertips.
    • Client Education: Ensure your investor is primed about the DSCO program, its requirements, and the potential benefits.
  2. Engage with AHL’s Quick Quote:
    • Instant Preliminary Insights: AHL’s online platform provides an immediate snapshot of the loan’s feasibility, aiding in setting client expectations right from the start.
  3. Leverage the Rental Survey:
    • Swift and Comprehensive Appraisals: The rental survey on the property’s appraisal is paramount in the DSCO program. Schedule the appraisal promptly and ensure it provides a thorough assessment of potential rental income.
  4. Navigate the Submission Process:
    • Use AHL’s Efficient Platforms: Submit all the loan details through AHL’s streamlined online systems. The more accurate and complete your submission, the faster the approval process.
  5. Stay in Constant Communication:
    • Bridge the Gaps: Maintain open channels of communication with both AHL and your client. Quick responses to queries or document requests can significantly reduce delays.
  6. Finalize and Close:
    • Seal the Deal: Once approved, ensure all parties are aligned for a swift closing. Having a reliable title company and being prepared for the final steps can expedite this last phase.
Speedy 10-Day Closes

Why the AHL DSCO Approach Shines

Beyond the sheer speed of the 10-day close, the DSCO program offers:

  • Flexibility: Designed to accommodate various borrower profiles, especially those with strong rental income potential.
  • Simplified Process: AHL has trimmed the fat, ensuring a process that’s as straightforward as it is efficient.

In Conclusion

AHL Funding’s DSCO program is not just a testament to the company’s innovative spirit but also its commitment to catering to the modern needs of real estate investors. In a market where every day counts, being able to promise (and deliver) a 10-day close can be a game-changer.

For loan officers and brokers looking to elevate their service offerings and impress their clientele, AHL Funding’s DSCO program is a tool that should not be overlooked. Start your expedited loan journey with AHL Funding’s Broker Approval. And for any specific queries or to get an appraisal on loan scenarios, look no further than the Submit a Scenario page. AHL’s promise of speed, efficiency, and unwavering support ensures you’re always ahead in the real estate investment game.

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