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Navigating the intricate landscape of income verification in the mortgage industry can be a complex task for both loan officers and borrowers. AHL Funding’s diverse loan programs are masterfully designed to accommodate a spectrum of income situations, offering a tailored fit for virtually every borrower. With an innovative approach and a deep understanding of income diversity, AHL Funding has emerged as a front-runner in Non-QM loan solutions.

Tailoring to Diverse Incomes

Recognizing that income is not always straightforward, AHL Funding’s suite of programs extends beyond traditional verification methods:

  • AHL Platinum: Catering to borrowers with lower LTVs, offering near-miss solutions with competitive rates. This program, though slightly more aligned with Fannie Mae guidelines, provides much-needed leeway and is perfect for first-time homebuyers or those seeking cash-out options.
  • AHL Core: Ideal for owner-occupied and second homes, this program excels in flexibility for credit and mortgage history, addressing the needs of varied borrower profiles through multiple documentation types.
  • AHL DSCO: Tailored for non-owner investment properties, this program promises speed with potential closings in as few as 10 days, using rental surveys to qualify income and allowing for cash-out for reserves.

Each program is detailed with an understanding that the ‘one-size-fits-all’ model is obsolete. For instance, the Bank Statement program considers expense ratios as low as 20%, offering a lifeline to self-employed borrowers or those with variable incomes. The Full Documentation program accommodates those with high DTI ratios or those requiring jumbo loans up to $3 million, providing a refuge for loans that don’t fit conventional molds.

Innovative Documentation Types

AHL Funding’s recognition of the varying documentation needs leads to several innovative types:

  • Bank Statements: These are used for qualifying up to 90% LTV, with an adaptable expense ratio reflecting the borrower’s business type.
  • Full Documentation: Caters to borrowers who may be ineligible for Fannie Mae loans, offering high LTV without MI and considering up to 55% DTI.
  • Bank Statements Plus Asset Assist: This combines bank statements and assets when bank statements alone don’t suffice, allowing for a more comprehensive income assessment.
  • Asset Only: A no-income proof-needed program, which qualifies borrowers solely based on their assets – a boon for high-net-worth individuals.
Financial document types accepted from AHL Funding: Cash, stocks, bonds.

Expansive Geographic Reach

Servicing 18 states, AHL Funding’s geographic reach ensures that a wide range of borrowers can access these flexible loan options. From Arizona to Washington, AHL is licensed to bring innovative loan solutions to a diverse set of markets, ensuring that loan officers can service a broad demographic of borrowers with confidence.

The AHL Advantage for Brokers and Borrowers

Brokers allied with AHL Funding can offer these cutting-edge programs to borrowers, ensuring:

  • Increased Approval Rates: With diverse loan products, more borrowers can achieve their dreams of homeownership.
  • Unique Market Position: By providing loans that cater to specific income circumstances, brokers can stand out in the competitive mortgage landscape.

Borrowers benefit from:

  • Loan Accessibility: Non-traditional income sources are no longer barriers to loan qualification.
  • Personalized Loan Solutions: Products are tailored to the borrower’s unique financial narrative, not forced into conforming standards.


Your Invitation to Partner with AHL Funding

AHL Funding extends an invitation to brokers who strive to meet the nuanced financial situations of their clients. With over 25 years in the Non-Prime loan sector, AHL’s experience and innovative loan products are the cornerstones of successful partnerships. For brokers ready to take their offerings to the next level, start with AHL Funding’s Broker Approval. If you have a particular loan scenario in mind, submit it through AHL Funding’s Submit a Scenario page and expect a swift, 24-hour turnaround response. With AHL Funding, embrace the capability to address specific income circumstances with precision and expertise.

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