Fast-Track Real Estate Investing with AHL DSCO

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Fast-Track Real Estate Investing with AHL DSCO


As the real estate investment landscape continues to evolve, investors need agile, flexible financial products that adapt to their changing needs. AHL Funding is excited to introduce a solution purpose-built for today’s savvy real estate investor – the AHL DSCO.

Understanding AHL DSCO

AHL DSCO is not just another loan product. It’s a program designed to move quickly and meet the demands of non-owner investment purposes. This unique program empowers investors by enabling the closure of loans within an impressive timeline – days, not weeks or months.

Key Features of AHL DSCO

The AHL DSCO boasts a number of key features designed to appeal to a wide range of real estate investors. With loan amounts up to $3 million, an LTV of up to 80%, and a DSCR ratio down to .75, it caters to diverse investing needs. The program also allows for cash out for reserves, thus providing flexibility in managing your investment portfolio.

The key selling point, however, is the speed. The AHL DSCO is designed to close in just 10 days! This gives investors the advantage of speed when securing profitable deals in a competitive market.

The Ideal AHL DSCO Borrower

This product is a perfect fit for investors looking to purchase or refinance a rental property. If you’re an investor seeking flexibility, speed, and adaptability in your financing, then the AHL DSCO could be the ideal choice for you.

Benefits of Choosing AHL DSCO

Choosing the AHL DSCO brings a multitude of benefits for the real estate investor. The flexibility and adaptability of this program make it a must-have tool in any investor’s arsenal. The program utilizes rental surveys and appraisals for rents, ensuring a thorough and accurate assessment of potential income. The low reserves requirement and the ability to use cash-out for reserves further add to its appeal.

Applying for AHL DSCO

Applying for AHL DSCO is as straightforward as it gets. Visit our website and submit a scenario. Our team of experts will review your application and guide you through the approval process.


In the fast-paced world of real estate investing, having the right financial products can make the difference between success and missed opportunities. The AHL DSCO provides investors with the agility, flexibility, and speed needed to thrive. Become an AHL Funding approved broker today to start leveraging the benefits of AHL DSCO and more.

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