Sweetgrass Community Home Page Screenshot

Sweetgrass Village – Nonprofit Website Project

Industry: Nonprofit

Location: Nashville, TN

Sweetgrass is a nonprofit organization committed to creating an intergenerational community in Tennessee. They needed a nonprofit website design to highlight what their organization was about and why Sweetgrass was the best choice for donors seeking to support intergenerational communities in the Nashville area. We designed a website that communicates the values that Sweetgrass stands for.

Our homepage layout presents a strong call to action that leads potential donors to give. Sharing the values of the founders and educating potential donors on the concept of an intergenerational community was important to this web design project. The images of the site reflect these values and support the copy.

Nonprofit Website Design Highlights

  • Strong calls to action for potential donors
  • Showcased Blog Section
  • About section to introduce nonprofit
  • Contribute page with calls to action for volunteers, grant fundraising, and donors.